Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1952, Cookie and Bill's Wedding Reception
Lillian, Helen Gabriel, Fran
Dad, Zeta and Dorothy 1932
Janet, Frannie, Janet and G. Lowry
Dit, Brucie and Frannie
June 1943
Brucie, Frannie, Dit, our dog.
Daddy, Janet, Dit
July 1945 Strantonville

Carol Ann, Buddy, Frannie, Brucie 1945
Clare, Janet, Lois, Bruce, Grandma and Grandpa Lowry
Bruce, Clare, Lois, Janet
G. Lowry's, Bruce and Lois

(the horse's name is Fred)
Mildred, Bernhard, Frannie,
Taken in Grandma's yard. Churchill Rd. Turtle Creek, PA
Clare, Dit, Zeta, Frannie
Blue Dell Swimming Pool 1939
On a mt. going to Ft. Necessity,
Clare, Janet, Frances
A. Sara, Grandma, Bruce, Uncle Marshall
Catherine, baby, Ham, Eunice, JoAnn, Judy, Frannie
Churchill rd.
"Your dad stretched out on the lawn, Aunt Irene, Grandma Gabriel, Aunt Helen holding her son Bernhard, Dorothy, Paul, Zeta"

Frannie 6 months
Billy, Zeta, Bernhard, Mildred and Frannie 1940
Billy, Zeta, Bernhard, Frannie, Mildred
Dit, Ellen, Frannie, Clare 1941

1936 Chevy, Franklin St Wilkinsburg
The Point, Pittsburgh, PA
Easter 1938
Front Left to Right: Bill Free, Mildred Free, Frannie, Lillian, Billie, Dorothy, Zeta, Ethel, Baby Helen,

Back Right to Left: Paul, Helen, Irene
Frick Park 1944
T. Jean, Clare, Frannie, Dit, Lois, Janet, Coleman
Ellen, Lois, Dit and Brucie 1944
3rd Grade?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Frannie and Brucie 1946
Mom, Frannie, Uncle Lou, Aunt Zeta, Bruce and Brucie
Sault St Marie, Michigan July 1947
Dit, Daddy Lowry, Frannie and Clare 1941 Churchill rd

Frannie, Eddie, Grandpap 1948
Clare 1944
Clare and Bruce, 1942
Peg and Rich Marshall and Frannie, 1944
Dit, Frannie, Bing and Clare 1941

Janet, Bruce, Ellen 1941 Churchill Rd
Dit, Frannie, Janet and Ellen, 1941 Churchill road

Clare, Churchill 1940

Brucie and Dit, 1948
Bruce and T. Jean, November 1944 Riding Place

Frannie, Helen and "Bing"

Ocean City, MD
Frannie and Dit, Genova on the Lake
Frannie, Genova on the Lake


Bruce, Dit and Buddy