Thursday, March 26, 2009

Grandma and Daddy, 1936

Mother and Grandma, 1936

Grandma and Dit, 1936

Grandma, September 1936

Dit, Pymatuning Dan 1946

Dit and Fran

Morrow Bruce Lowry, Sr.

May 1939. Morrow Bruce Lowry, Sr.

Bruce Lowry

Clara Lowry and Bruce 1912

1913. Momma and Bruce. Kendall Ave., Bellevue, PA.

Bruce, 5 years.
1018 Glenn Ave, Wilkinsburg, PA

5 1/2 months. Bruce Lowry

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

April 1938

Mother Gabriel and Aunt Jessie, Dorothy in the back

Mother, Dit, & Grandma
July 1, 1939

Radio City
Sunken Gardens
Zeta, Helen, Bee

Mother, Dit, and Dad
Taken at Idlewild Park, 1932

"Your Granddad Gabriel where I have Dad marked. He used to work on the 'Wrecker' on the Union Railroad before he was advanced to Foreman."

--from Helen Gabriel, Dorothy Gabriel Lowry's sister, to Frances Lowry Miller

Grandpa, Grandma Gabriel
Churchill Road

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Taken at Grandma Lowry's home, 1939.
Mother (Dit), and Uncle Clare.

Clare and Frannie

Clare- November 1944. Riding Place.

My dad did a lot of horseback riding. He would take the horses out that were boarded at Jacktown Riding Club for exercise. On leave then to Luxenburg.

Clare Lowry. Jacksonville, FL. August, 1944

Clare and Frannie Churchill Rd.

Wilkinsburg 1947. Clare and Eddie's store.

Clare Lowry- Germany 1945

Frances Lowry
"Our grade school bought the Jeep with war stamps that the pupils bought during World War II."

Nana is crouched by the rear wheel in front.

Frannie-6th grade-Dickson School, Swissvale, PA

Frannie - 5th Grade - Dickson School, Swissvale, PA

Frannie-4th Grade, Miss Eadie-Dennison Grade School, Swissvale, PA

"Bruce Lowry at work - Union Switch and Signal - Swissvale, PA - He was a machinist."

Machine Shop at Union Switch and Signal

last row 3rd from left - Bruce Lowry
Switch & Signal Affair

Bruce 1940's

"At a party the fellows had that worked for the Switch"

Frances - Ella St.

Grandma Lowry (Alberta Guthrie Lowry), Mother Lowry (Clara Mobley Lowry), & Mother Gabriel 1939



Lillian, Helen, Frannie Churchill Road

May 1939 Ft. Necessity Daddy (Morrow Bruce Lowry, Sr.) & Mother (Clara Mobley Lowry)

Brucie-Frannie-Dit 1947

Bruce (Morrow Bruce Lowry, Jr.) in Bellevue, Pa. 155 Kendall Ave.

Daddy Bruce & Bruce 1943

Frannie, Dolores, Brucie--1946

Brucey & Dit - 1944